Dec 26 2008

"Please Master we really don't have to do this."

Those are the words that slip from my lips every single night for the past week. that and


See Master has decided that He no longer wants hair, down there. Thats right. No more hair on the pussy. Permanently removed.

"OUCH son of a bitch that HURTS"

I say that every night as He starts to use the electrolysis machine that he purchased on my cunt. Every night.

Did you read that
I lay on the bed and He gets out the alcohol and cleans the area and then settles in with His handy dandy little machine and begins His treatment.


I say ..Master we don't HAVE to do this and He replies..Yes we do. He is tired of the shaving and the mess and the razor stubble and carving (thats the next entry). So He is removing the hair permanently. We did alot of research on what machine to buy, then 10 days ago He made the purchase. Since then

*OUCH* did I mention *OUCH* it hurts?

You can only do about a square inch a night, on a good night maybe two square inches. And those first few squares inches that He has done are AMAZING. It has been 10 days, no hair, no stubble, NOTHING, even the rash from the electrolysis has gone.

but did I mention it HURTS

I fear when He gets closer to the pussy lips right now he is working the top part of it.
He says come a year for it will take that long to get it all removed, then I will be HAIR FREE.
Completely Hair Free