Freedom - May 05 2003

My intentions of this journal is to post my thoughts and opinions, to record what happens within our home and to let others know how we are adjusting. Not everyone will agree with what I have to say and that is fine. If it made you think, that I have accomplished my task. If it makes you leave a nasty message on the message board, then that is fine, if i get an email displaying your anger then that too is fine. All this means I have made you think.

Since moving to Florida, from Canada, I have witness many things that disturb me within the US of A. Today I will discuss and give my opinion on a major one. That being freedom.

What is freedom? Well according to my research Freedom is "the absence of restraints according to the most common usage of the word in the United States and Europe (the West). Western freedom emphasizes choices of the individual. " As long as those choices fall within the governments belief.

Moving here I have seen how the government shoves the freedom propaganda down our throats. They yell freedom on TV, showing the Freedom March for the African Americans yet did you ever think, why these people had to fight for their freedom? It was not given to them, like in Canada, or Sweden, or Britain, in these countries Blacks were free, in the US of A they were slaves and had to fight to be free with the death of many. Why is it the US of A has a National Organization for Sexual Freedom? Why would a organization need to be set up to fight for the freedom of what we as consenting adults, choose to do within the privacy of our bedrooms? The community in which I reside doesn't even allow adult stores. All of them have been ran off. Our Blockbuster Video doesn't even have an adult area. This is freedom? One of the reason my previous site was removed and revamped with real names removed was the fear of the US Immigration department finding out. Have read horror stories on people being deported because of their sexual orientation. This is freedom? In Canada, it is our right to walk around topless be it male or female, it is our right to open an adult store, given certain common sense restraints, such as not by a school or a church, in any area we so desire. It is our right to do as we so desire within the privacy of our own bedroom between two consenting adults. Please read this link CNN.Com Inside Politics and see how this Senator views the right to sexual freedom. He needs to keep His nose out of our bedroom.

If we have freedom then why was it during WW2 that oriental citizens of the US were forced to register with the government. Some of these people were immigrants, most were born here and failure to register meant jail. Didn't Hitler start his holocaust with the simple registration of Jews? This is not freedom that I know of.

I think the citizens of the US have bought into a twisted idea of freedom. To even contemplate another opinion is a fearful matter, so wretched and unsubstantiated is the brainwashing of the West. Ask yourself these questions.

1) Why is it that the US is the leader in world imprisonment per capita? Are their really that many "bad" people in the US?

2) Why did the US make our oriental population register during WW2? Doing that is like saying all white people are like Jeffery Dahmer, or all black people are bad. Not freedom in my eyes.

3) Why do we have a National Coalition for Sexual Freedom? As adults can we not make the decision to do as we so desire in the privacy of our bedrooms?

4) Do we have the choice to follow our own paths without the threat of government intervention and throwing our asses in jail?

5) Why is it illegal to burn the US flag? This is not something I would do, I have respect for the country, but as an adult, if I so desire to show my distaste for a country that has done something to lose my respect then why is it against my rights to show that?

These are just a few questions one needs to look at before deciding if their really is freedom in the US or does the notion of freedom simply add up to a grand illusion?

I talk with many people in our area and we discuss freedom. Essentially no one is ever truly free. You own your home free and clear, until you stop paying your taxes and the government seizes it. This I can understand, we need tax money to pay for education, road maintenance, ect. What we don't need and what I find here in the community that I reside in, is the government telling us how to act within our bedrooms, telling us we can't smoke within our homes (go to Louisiana and read their smoking by-laws if your smoking in your home and the neighbors smell it, you in trouble with the law.) Freedom to me is the right to be whom I desire. If that means I want an abortion then butt out its my life. If that means I want to practice BDSM in my bedroom, then back off. If that means I want to burn the US flag, so be it.

Freedom..awww such a grand illusion.