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April 26 2010 When all you can do is ....

I wasn't sure what to title this. Used on injection day? Fucked and Beat? The list of titles ran though my head..but I kept coming back to.. Read More

April 23 2010 You know you are kinky when....

I was on facebook last night, I play petsociety and petville and family feud. So last night playing family feud a question came up in the fast money round. The question was..

Name something on the human body that gets plugged Read More

April 20 2010 Bad Bad Bad girl

He said that over and over again. bad girl, bad girl. I don't think..she learned. Hear let me elaborate. Read More

April 17 2010 -This and that...and well sex of course

I sometimes wonder what the hell is wrong with us. After 10 years one would think that our sex life would slow done.

It hasn't

The only thing that slows it down is health issues, when I am healthy we fuck like bunnies. When I am healthy I walk around all day thinking of what delicious torments He can do to my body. My clit throbs my pussy is wet. ALWAYS. Drives me insane. Read More

April 14 2010 -Implements of pain

I have expereinced almost every pain implement you can imagine. Lets see..of course crops and floggers and paddles, those are easy things, I mean..intense, like these Read More

April 11 2010 -I am enslaved

Eight years ago, I left it all behind, my home, my family, my job, my country, my security. To come here and be enslaved. Read More

April 4 2010 - Nothing but a Doormat

You hear all the time that word *doormat* tossed around. Like its a bad thing. Well I am hear to tell you, I am nothing but a doormat and I am proud of it.

Im not sure what the big deal is, Read More

April 3 2010 - Sex and Doctors

Its April, the time just flies by. I want to put the breaks on! Sheesh.

He used me yesterday, we are healthy, and both needing it and He planned a LONG scene, needles and piss, and whips and floggers. Shoving a rabbit vib up me and turning it on, He wrapped me in plastic. A hood over my head and He starts to hit me, beat me, GAWD, He turns me over Read More