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Aug 29 Sneaking One In

Kids are gone to the beach today and actually we are home alone until sunday, Adam is staying with the kids over the weekend. YAH. I am hoping for a GOOD scene tomorrow. Maybe?? Sunday is my Birthday ARGH. I'm old! Read More

Aug 22 One Last Post

This is the last post until my Nephew leaves, He arrives tomorrow!!!! Yah!. I still need to get the bedroom cleaned up (not that it is dirty but the clean freak that I am). It will be nice to see him! Read More

Aug 18 2010 ARGH

ARGH so He used and fucked my ass..hard and then I started my period. ARGH. It could have waited until at least next week! Why you ask?? Well Monday my nephew and his girlfriend show up and they are here for a week, they will stay with us Read More

Aug 15 2010 Anal Fucked

This is a scene report and therefore in the members section. If you do not have a password then you will have to contact us. Read More

Aug 14 2010 Sex, getting with the times and pictures!

We did a small scene, not major, on the cross, not tied. The tying is what caused the big issues last time. This time, it went much better. I could move my legs if they spasmed. It wasn't intense, but it was good. He likes having me upside down on the cross sucking His cock. Read More

Aug 12 2010 Not enough hours in a day

There is always so much I want to write about but never enough hours in a day! This normalcy thing, I am sort of struggling with. Not sure why. I think I have this preconceived notion of *normal*. Read More

Aug 5 2010 Anal Hooks and 24/7

We now sell steel anal hooks. You can see them here (anal hooks) And of course He has to keep one. Its been sitting on the dresser mocking me Read More

Aug 3 2010 Cunt

He comes in....wraps His fist in my hair...pulls back my head and takes a kiss. Then whispes "cunt" in my ear. Read More