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Dec 31 Derek

Derek is doing ok. He is on meds to help keep the seizures under control, next week we are going thru an array of test. MRI, eeg ect. There has been mention of a small brain bleed, of epilepsy, bells palsy, so many possibilities, so we just sit and wait.I really hope by the end of next week we have some answers. I told his other half, that if there is ANYTHING unusual going on with him to get him BACK to emerg asap. Read More

Dec 31 Year End Rant

I so wanted to post a rant a couple weeks ago, but with everything going on, the holidays, derek, work etc. Its just not been possible. But today. I am ranting! Rant #1 - We get this customer, orders a 500.00 item, we make it ship it, UPS delivers it and the customer calls and says "that's the wrong address." Read More

Dec 26 Stressed

Dec 25 our son had some form of seizure. He has been sick for months going to the doctors, stomach issues, cat scans, blood in bowels, unexplained rashes. And then we got a call at 12:30 AM saying Read More

Dec 23 Holidays

I am actually enjoying the holidays this year. It seems to be getting easier, with the kids gone, the past two years with both kids moving out, were so damn hard. This year, is much better and I am enjoying it all. All of it. So very good! Read More

Dec 20 Christmas

Usually this time of year..I struggle with depression. Its hard living here, with HIS family, they are so different then us and they are Jehovah, so they dont celebrate, and the sisters do but well its just hard. And my family, its party after party and now its Master and I and the kids, one party, thats it. So I do struggle, but this year, I think, has been easier on me. Read More

Dec 12 Its all good

one of those OMG life is so very good days! Our daughter and I planned a mom daughter day out a couple weeks ago. And Master and our son, planned a dad son day out Read More

Dec 11 Fucked

He fucked me again yesterday, not that hard and intense and painful that I thought I wanted, was more slow, leisurely, with a few well placed smacks. But He must of new, this was what I needed, for it calmed me down, the sub drop about vanished and I was purring happy and content Read More

Dec 10 Sub Drop

He fucks my ass with it ramming it in and out hard and I writher, pleasure mixed with pain. And His hands He is beating my cunt hard and fast and ramming the toy in and out and I just lay there Read More

Dec 5 Tis The Season

I haven't spoke too much about the up coming holidays. We have been so busy, and writing seems to elude me any more. But they are here! The holidays that is. This year I was put on a budget. Can you BELIEVE that?? Read More

Dec 3 It Good

Mom and dad left, we got home and within a few minutes we were in the bedroom! With mom and dad here we had quickies, all for Him, nothing for me. Hit me, humiliate me and fuck me. He came, I didn't. Its been like 25 days for ME! ARGH. Read More

Dec 3 Parental Units

are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They flew out yesterday. I have to tell you, its getting some what easier to deal with mom, but harder to deal with the BDSM just up and disappearing! Read More