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Feb 24 2010 - Stress Free and Creative minds and Sex oh my!

The other day I went to the washroom, flushed the toilet and POOF it didn't work. And I walked away. I got to the living room and thought, how stress free my life is. I walked away because I *knew* Master would tend to it. That was HIS job. Read More

Feb 19 2010 - FUCKED

"into the bedroom slut so I can check your ass," He orders and off I go lifting my skirt expecting a quick check of the ass and the cane marks he left from the other day. Bent over the bed, and His hands come down hard and fast across my flesh. Read More

Feb 19 2010 - 10 YEARS

This year marks 10 YEARS. He collared me 10 YEARS ago. July 1 is when He claimed me as His online, aug 17 is when He collared me, here at our home. We celebrate the July 1 one for that was the beginning for us. Can you believe it has been 10 YEARS??? We have friends that say we still act like honeymooners. Makes me laugh! But its so good, so very good. Read More

Feb 18 2010 - Cloudy with a chance of Beatings

Today was one of those days, it was right, all just right. Seems my health issues have been preventing us from having any serious time together, until yesterday. I was healthy, our staff called in sick, and it was good, all good.

I knew in the morning it was going to be intense and when we were done, I wanted to blog about it then, but I was too spacy, my head too cloudy.

Morning was normal, hair pulling squirming in my chair, routine. We did breakfast and a bath. After the bath, He started I was cold and wet, but He allowed me time to warm up. No use making me sick all over.

As I was warming up He was pulling out ropes, lots and lots of ropes. My cuffs were put on me and He leans in close to my ear and whispers,

"The slut is going to get beat"

and I drip. Read More

Feb 14 2010 - PISSED OFF!!!!!

Master has spoiled me rotten this weekend. I am such a lucky slut! He took me to a place where they aquaculture their corals AKA no damage to the environment. And we spent and we spent.
I can home a happy little slut and did some landscaping on my tank. In the process of landscaping

We PISSED OFF Barney Read More

Feb 11 2010 - Need to Know Basis

One of the things that sammi constantly ask me is about the kids. She is ADAMANT that MY kids know what we do in the bedroom. I consistently state THEY DO NOT. I think this is becoming a sore spot with us. At least on my end, and the next time she brings it up, I will be stating "this is no longer a topic I wish to discuss"

Read More

Feb 08 2010 - Great Friends

We had a wonderful weekend! Busy in the yard doing things to it, moving banana plants, still assessing the freeze damage, Master worked on the waterfall for the pond. So we were busy! And yesterday sammie and a Dom came over for a visit and dinner, some Wii, and some great conversation.

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Feb 05 2010 - Busy Busy Busy

So I have spent a week over doing it and working on something and this is it!It is so very cool and we both love it! Master said..lets hope it doesnt get stolen!

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Feb 01 2010 - A little bit of everything

We have had an amazing week. From going to the zoo to just about everything. Its nice to be back to normal. The only thing to make it better would be a good ole fashion scene!

So where to start..disappointed. A couple of blogs I read have posted on Haiti, Read More