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July 31 2010 A Paying Job

I havent held a paying job, since I imigrated from Canada. He will not let me work outisde the home. Period. Nor have I had cash since leaving Canada. Again. He handles the cash. Its weird in a sense, but it is our D/s Dynamics and it works, for us. Well, This month, I got a paying job. Cool eh???? Read More

July 31 2010 In Laws

We all have inlaws, but this post is about my sons..girlfriend. Courtney. I need to vent to get it out. To rant. So read on, or go away, it doesn't matter. Read More

July 26 2010 Had this post all planned out

I had this post all planned out, that I would password protect it, with a warning that it involved intense humilation, vaginal blood, and beatings. Read More

July 16 2010 Its all about the pain

Master said my last post was a bit of a ramble. So I had better explain. For over a week now I have been in constant pain. MS pain. Its distracting, its annoying and it hurts. Read More

July 12 2010 The Easy Way

All my life I have had this thing about the easy way and the right way. I truly beleive there are two ways in life. Easy and Right. Read More

July 06 2010 Jump Right In

You would think after living with the man for 8 years dating for 2 additional more, that I would be used to His jump right in, sadistic mentality. Read More