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June 30 2010 Life in General

I have had so much to say, but never enough time to just sit down and write. I wonder how some of these people do it, sheesh. The business is keeping me busy, we are being audited ARGH. I should know the outcome of that in a few weeks. Read More

June 24 2010 I need a PhD to understand this BS

was on fetlife today. Its a BDSM, DS, MS, TPE, APE, facebook type BS. Now I have a MBA and I'm a CGA, but to understand some of the BS one sees on fetlife. I think you need a Phd. Read More

June 14 2010 We're backkkkkkkk!

We are back and we had an amazing time! Pictures to come in a later post..:) Our room was amazing all the bells and whistles, granite bathroom, balcony over looking the gulf. I am not even sure where to start! Read More

June 14 2010 Master and slaves

A journal that I have been following for a while just disclosed or maybe I just read about it, that they are Masters and slaves...that switch. I will no longer be reading that journal. Harsh eh? Read More

June 8 2010 Is it time yet???!

I have been trying for a week to get a journal entry done. Every time I sit down to do one, something happens and poof, gone. I have so much stuff running around in my head that I am having sleep issues even. I was up at the ungawdly hour of 6 Am this morning. ARGH. Read More