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March 31 2010 - Life Update

We seem to be once again over these colds. Sammie seems to think maybe we are having allergy issues rather then cold issues. She may just be right! But it feels good to breath again. Today I also go to the doctor. I started on a new med to help the spasms in my legs and bladder. I can honestly say\ I understand drug addicts! I have had a great few weeks. So much so that I am exercising and walking and bowling Read More

March 24 2010 - Sick AGAIN

We both have colds AGAIN. I cannot beleive how this has hung onto us and not let go, we have a week or two of feeling well and then it starts again. Sore Throat, cough, stuffy nose. Give us a break! Sheesh. And when we are sick we avoid each other, I feel..lonley almost. How can I feel lonely when we are never apart??? Read More

March 17 2010 - Sitting Here

Sitting here rubbing my face, feeling the warmth of His handprint across my cheek. Its so fast, so hard, one minute we are watching a movie, the next minute I am in bed, naked, and getting my faced slapped. Read More

March 14 2010 - The Right to be Grumpy

Everyone is entitled to be grumpy, its a fact of life but I think some people more then others should be allowed that luxury. Anyone dealing with chronic pain should be allowed to be grumpy, that includes mirgraines, MS, Lupus, whatever. Pain is pain. Read More

March 12 2010 - Follow The Leader

It's not easy to contact me via the journal. I don't have a little comment button, just the contact us page for the entire site. From submissions, to quotes, to new ideas, you all use that button.

Well this morning I got up and there was a website contact email, Read More

March 08 2010 - It's march!!!!!!!

I cannot believe that it is March already. I am looking at plants and assessing the freeze damage to my plants. I think I will be replanting..ALLOT.

Our son has been laid off work since Aug, this economy SUCKS, BUT last week He got a JOB! Working for coca cola. 12.65 an hour to start. Read More

March 03 2010 - Whats love got to do with it anyways????

See the other day while driving thru town we see "Riverside bank loves me" on someones car. PLEASE - Riverside bank does NOT love you, see how quickly their loves turn to "youare no longer a customer" when shit hits the fan. I guarantee you that riverside bank WILL not be standing beisde you, like your family will. Read More