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May 27 2010 Take me Away!!!!

We have booked a fancy ass room on the gulf, gulf front even! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy! We so need a break , and Master let me pretty much pick, so I went, luxury, two pools, restaurant, tiki bar, lounge, balcony looks out on the gulf yah yah. I also booked dinner cruise tickets, meal, live entertainment, all aboard a luxurious yatch, during sunset. *sighs* how romantic! Read More

May 24 2010 A Little bit of Everything

I'm not even sure where to start with this post. Sex? Kids? Work? health? friends? Yes just a little bit of everything. This past week has been a week of extreme highs and extreme lows. And I am sure glad it is over with. Read More

May 18 2010 Just in Case

Just in case you are wondering, it is possible to hang upside down AND have an earth shattering mind numbing orgasm! Read More

May 17 2010 ARGH

That about sums up my week. ARGH. I love my son to death but I tell you he is driving me insane. If I was a drinking woman, I would drink myself into oblivion! Read More

May 12 2010 Busy Busy

I tell you we have been SO BUSY. I am tired of construction, my yard is a MESS, wood every where! The shop, then the fish house, the septic tank, the patio. I just want it all done. Read More

May 02 2010 Service

When reading this remember this is MY life MY belief and MY reality. NOT YOURS.

We are all different and we all do this thing called BDSM differently. I am a big stickler about honesty, don't say your a slave, if you a smart ass pain slut, Don't say you are a Master if your a switch. Honesty is pretty good. Doesn't matter what you are just be honest in what you say. Read More

May 01 2010 A Whole lot of shit

Literally...the spetic system backed up, leaking all over the yard ewwwwwww Master and Derek have been at it two days now, it should be fixed today. But it worries me. ALOT of shovelling. The back hoe dug it out but they have to put the lines back in and shovel in new drain field rock. SHOVEL ALOT of it. I worry when He does things like this. Read More