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Oct 25 Sex, Friends, and Toys

This weekend Pet arrived for a visit! I cannot believe how much weight she has lost sheesh am jealous..:) Naa am happy for her. It was so good to see her to sit and chit chat, and visit and talk about the men, and toys and sex! And of course we had to gossip about some of our follow bloggers *grins* and while we visit master was so kind as to make her some toys to take home. Read More

Oct 16 You fucking bitch

That's what some idiot called me the other day "You fucking bitch." Made me laugh and realize just how stupid and idiotic people are. let me explain..:) Read More

Oct 14 As the world turns

Sometimes that is how I feel. That life just spins out of control. And I am PMSing to boot, which means I am overly sensitive. Funny some people become bitches, some cry. I cry. Sales have been bad typical Oct. But this is usually the last rough month until like june. So it should be all uphill from here. But add in crappy sales and a laid off child and now our son is having some health issues, and is going to need help paying for cat scans and testing, and my stomach turns. Read More

Oct 10 Why

I actually wrote this post on Oct 10, however life here has taken a bit of a turn and I have been unable to post it till now. Sorry for the delay Read More

Oct 8 Submission

So last night I read the book Submission by Marthae Blau, and I have to tell you, it was one of the most terrible books I have ever read! Where to begin!

1) The level of writing - was at a grade five level, other then a few french words and Paris names tossed in for good effort.

2) I enjoy an easy read but come on this was ridiculous. Dr Seuss for adults. Read More

Oct 7 Expectations

What are your expectations? Does your Master place them on you? If so..what? You know when I think of my life, I realize shit there is ALOT that is expected of me. Read More

Oct 2 Bullies and Pictures and Life

I have a real issues with bullies, and we all know them. In life, online, at our kids school. Well someone that I used to read, is a bully, (I no longer read her Master wont allow it for she is bully) she is. She has no issues with picking on other people, making them feel like asses Read More