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Sept 27 Life Update

It seems like forever since I had posted and yet it has only been 8 days. I swear I never have enough time to do all I want to do. It just doesn't end. The business, and the invoices and the inventory, and web site work and house work and the koi pond and fish tank and gardens and caring for Master and caring for me. Read More

Sept 27 Humiliated Cunt

This is a scene report, in the members section. You must have a password to access it. If you don't have a password then use the contact me link to ask for one. Read More

Sept 19 Delicious Torment, and all of lives adventures

He used me the other day, hard and delicious with lots of spankings and toys. He has a fixation with the ass hook. He simply loves it, loves the control it gives Him, I, on the other hand have a love/hate thing going. Its steel. And I hate the cold hard feeling of steel Read More

Sept 14 I had a thought, it was a good though,

it was a thought beyond thoughts, it was a thought with a point, but I came to realise I cant actually remember it. Read More

Sept 7 Busy

I feel overwhelmed again, in work and I am not sure why. There is so much I *want* to do on the websites but I just don't have the time. I think I try too hard, really I do. But when I look at how Read More

Sept 5 Personal responsibility

Lately on fetlife and other blogs I have been reading about the things we do in the name of slavery. The activities we do as part of our slavery, and I tell you some of this girls I just want to rip off their heads off! Read More

Sept 3 Thieves, Master's Dream, and Today

I am SICK and TIRED of fucking thief's!!!!! In the past two weeks we have had THREE people stealing our web images and text WORD for WORD and claim it as their own. THREE newbie fucking websites Who are they you ask? Read More