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July 27 2011 - Rough Day! which do you prefer? SEX!

Yesterday was a day in which I should have stayed in bed! If it could go wrong, it did. I am not even sure where to begin. Or even if I want to relive the crappy day, which I don't so we will just say from banking issues. to server issues, to injection day blues.
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July 25 2011 - Yesterday, this and that

Yesterday we took the kids to see Harry Potter. An end of an era for us. Harry Potter was the first book my son ever read and he took off from there and read every one of them. It lighted the fire beneath him to read
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July 23 2011 - PCI Compliant, Masturbating and Cumming

Kind of a strange title! But we will start with the PCI Compliant. That we are! Our business will be posting the banner and link stating we are PCI Compliant later this week. It has been a bit of a headache and my stress level has been high this past two weeks do to that, Read More

July 21 2011 - 60 inches of awesome..:)

That's what Master has been saying since Sunday when he bought a new 60 inch television. No kidding this thing is HUMONGOUS!!! But it fits the wall perfectly and the picture quality is out of this world! The smaller 47 inch is now in our bedroom and it too is very nice to have a big television in there. Read More

July 21 2011 - "Master John? How many whacks does it take to get the girl into subbie space???"

cause unless Master counts. I will never know...

He seems to know what I need, even when I don't. I cried at supper last night I screwed it up! hate when I do that. Read More

July 20 2011 - Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today. ...

I initially wasn't going to post on this, however, this is my journal and it is a way for me to get things off my mind. Makes me feel better. A few weeks back I put something like a tracker program on my journal. Hidden Read More

July 16 2011 - Penny for your thoughts

This months seems to be a bit of a weird month for me. And looking back over the years I KNOW its due to the MS, the heat, me trying to adapt to the changes from ok I can handle the heat to OMFG walking from the disabled parking spot to the store makes me feel like a bowl of jelly! And then I am so weak and so shaky and so tired that I get miserable. Read More

July 15 2011 - i am not a slave.

This is a repost with permission from Master Dream's precious Treasure, it is also in the aticle area. I found it a great post and a great read. Read More

July 11 2011 - If you can't say something nice....

then don't say anything at all.

Those are my feelings for the past ten days, hence no journal entry. I have nothing nice to say. I am tired, tired of the heat, tired of being sick, tired of not being able to go outside and enjoy my fish (back to the too hot thing), tired of customers...argh get me started Read More

July 02 2011 - This n That

I lost five fracken (fracken comes from battlestar galatica and is a polite way to say fuck) pounds this past week! Can you believe that??? And I feel amazingly well. Read More