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June 30 2011 - Two in a row!

Two post in one day how cool!!! Actually, Jina has been here working in the office and she has to use my system, which means I am on Masters laptop (argh), and I cannot up-load from here. So two post done just not uploaded. Read More

June 28 2011 - Why did you Move?

I got a notice on facebook from an old friend. Actually my ex's cousin asked me this question. She asked why I moved from our little town of 4000 to Toronto and then to Florida. Read More

June 27 2011 - Bound

So I didn't get tied to the cross, instead He tied me to the bed yesterday. Its funny really, He says "I'm going to tie you to the bed slut and leave you there all afternoon." and He ties me to the bed and He leaves and comes back and leaves and comes back Read More

June 26 2011 - Munch!

We went to the local munch last night, it was fun to see everyone! It was a much smaller crowd then I expected with very few newbies. There is a paranoid among the group on newbies given that we live in polk county. I'm not sure why, Read More

June 23 2011 - Onwards we go!

One Hundred and Twenty Days till our Cruise! I think I am cruise talking Master out LOL. Its ok though He doesn't mind..:) Weight wise well, I am still losing it. I gained a pound when at the beach, all that yummy food but came home Read More

June 18 2011 - Vacation Day 3

We got back to the motel about two oclock and decided to go for a swim, however the gulf was so choppy it was to hard on my legs to swim so we ended up in the pool. We swam for about two hours and then dressed and headed out to dinner and Pier 6 Read More

June 18 2011 - Vacation Day 2

Up bright and early the next morning, I was awake and already exhausted! It was windy and the gulf was a little choppy. Was going to be a long day..:) We made coffee and then went down to the breakfast buffet to have a hot meal. By 10 Am we had left the Hotel and headed over to Fort Desoto. I think my trip there is going to be one of the most memorable trips in my life. Read More

June 18 2011 - Vacation Day 1

We left Monday for a mini vacation to St Pete's Beach. What a difference from our trip last year to Clearwater! We enjoy this one SO MUCH! We arrived at our hotel about 2 and checked into our room. Read More

June 10 2011 - Clarification of last post and Monday!

I received a couple of emails yesterday concerning my last post. Asking if I was angry/mad/upset and still friends. So I want to clarify, for I *KNOW* what I am like and I *KNOW* when it comes to my personal beliefs that *I* can be a *BITCH*. Just ask me about welfare and food stamps!So that being said... Read More

June 8 2011 - Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent. Read More

June 5 2011 - Arrested!

We have had yet another arrest here in Communist Polk County, a couple, for making videos and posting them on Clips4Sale. Ya, that's all they did, believe it or not. Polk county is like those dry countries, but instead of no booze, its no sex. Read More

June 3 2011 - Hooded

We have a new hood. Click on the picture for details. And in getting new hoods Master claimed one, for us. That one. Now the things with hoods in this home is that I know, when I am hooded, I become an object. Read More