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Nov 30 2011 - Customers and Cruises

Argh seems to be the week for customers. I swear they come in batches! And all the do is piss me off! Customer #1 wants a penis paddle which is fine, but then goes into details about how he is going to suck it like a cock and use it on himself and on and on..well let me tell you, since working in the adult industry I have learned how to quickly get off the line..with pervs Read More

Nov 28 2011 - Thansgiving and Disappointed

Thanksgiving was really nice, even without mom and dad. I thought I would struggle more but I did ok. Kids were here including our wayward son Johnny (read back a few years)

Johnny is Masters step son from his ex. Not biological to either of us. BUT, he is our son, Read More

Nov 21 2011 - Thank you and At Peace

II wanted to say thank you to Master Dream precious treasure for her VBA. (Virtual Blogger Award) This isn't something I do, but it was nice to see how long she has read the blog for and to know that she enjoys it. I'm sorry I cant participate, I am suppose to name like 12 blogs I read, but I don't read 12, I read hers, Read More

Nov 17 2011 - Reading and Loss

I really wanted to title this "STOP the blog you are about to read is crap, please delete and start again." Yup that's what I wanted the title to say.

Do you ever wonder about people and their reading capabilities? Owning our business, I now do and I can fully understand the signs I see when we are out and about. Read More

Nov 14 2011 - Fitting In part 2
have been thinking on this topic and why I feel the way I do and what has made it so bad and then I realized. I know why.

About two months ago we had someone here from the local group. Read More

Nov 14 2011 - Pictures say a thousand words.
You were warned there is nothing else in this post but two pictures...its really not as bad as we thought it would be, so that is very good! Read More

Nov 11 2011 - Opions are Like Assholes
everyone has one. So if you haven't guessed already, well I am opinionated. Yup really, and if some of my opinions bug people, I often wonder, about the ones I don't write on! So that being said here comes another one! Read More

Nov 09 2011 - Kids, Fitting in and Life
Today was an interesting day to say the least. We got a call from our son, he was at emerg, he hurt himself at work. He is a welder and was on a lift welding steel beams, Read More

Nov 03 2011 - We are Home Part 3
Obviously one of the reasons for selecting this cruise was to SWIM with the sting rays and we knew it was hurricane season and we hoped.

Sitting in the Paris Lounge the day before we were to disembark at the Cayman Islands, The Captain comes on and announces, due to Hurricane Rina churning in the Caribbean we would NOT be visiting the Cayman Islands. Master looked at me and all I could say was

I'm not going to cry

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Nov 02 2011 - Sex and Health

Its interesting how my health turns around almost as soon as the hot weather leaves. YES, I am tired, but its not a heat tired, its an "back from a great vacation" tired. Since the weather cooled (not like north cool but mid to high 70's, low 80's instead of 90 and above)
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Nov 01 2011 - We are Home Part 2
A few random thoughts before I go on..

Internet - We bought the 60 min plan at .40 cents per minute. Was fine. Enough to get our emails and i did one post per day on facebook. We still had time left after the cruise (about 10 mins). I would not use it to upload photos but it worked great for emails!

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Nov 01 2011 - We are Home Part 1
We are home and we had an amazing time. It was everything and more, that we thought it would be and I have alot of pictures to show!!

PRE- CRUISE This was probably the MOST disappointing part of our cruise. Since we have to bring the chair
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