Oct 10 2012

That is how I feel. I am still here just insanely busy. So busy we have even talked about me putting the blog on hiatus. But I cant do that.

So what is happening? Well Canada was wonderful it was so nice to see everyone and I do have pics..somewhere..on here..

Cats and dogs are ringworm free, did I mention they all got ringworm form Tigger the new kitten? Bella is once again healthy, sorta, she was sick when we got back from canada, again, and on meds again,..and healthy..sorta... I have two new turtles, puts the total I think to 11 and a couple of turtle eggs hatched, except, I lost the babies..somewhere...out there.

We leave for the cruise in four days. At least my period came and went..sorta. Its back today but I think just some spotting, better be just that, creeps me out when I am in the wild, swimming and I am on my cycle, sharks and all. I am in NO way ready for this cruise. I feel like everything is going to be left undone.

YA I haven't been sick with a UTI since Aug 8th CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!! This is the longest I have gone without a UTI ALL YEAR!! YA ya! The Ms still sucks, majorly but no UTI's!!! So its good all good.

Did I mention we bought a new truck??? busy. Yes we did we bought this one Laramie Yup that is pretty much what we bought. It has A/C seats even!! Full Size back seats, wifi, bluetooth, GPS, all voice activated. It is fully loaded and Master loves it! It was time to buy and well so we did..:)

The Business - We had no slow season this year, which worries me about the busy season, just how busy it is going to be. We hired some part time help in the office YA, and more help in the shop. I am SO CLOSE to needing full time help in the office. I guess I just need to do it. Ya know. The business has me so busy, coming and going, suppliers, customers, Taxes, payroll, staff, advertisinig..the list goes on and on. I really feel like I am in this endless wind tunnel that just keeps blowing me around. It is over whelming and I am so looking forward to the cruise. To make it all STOP. Canada didnt make it all stop, we still had computers (yes we worked in canada) and then visting everyone and going here and going there..on teh phones, no custoemrs, no visiting..just me and my NOOK and the deep blue waters!!

Then we come back..and it starts again.

Kids are excited to be going on the cruise with us! Jess and Ryan are looking into purchasing a home, another home, they will rent the one they have out and buy another one. They did an offer yesterday on a nice home!! We should know tomorrow. If not they will keep looking. They have been pre approved already so its all good. The He child is doing well also, it is good when things are going well.

Sex -- Is always good when we have it. Seems we have sex I get sick, and with the cruise coming well..its not been enough! That fear of getting But the D/s is there and always will be there. I am so lucky and I so love Him. This year makes TEN years of marriage (12 years in the relationship) Just how cool is there?????

And I think that is it, my whirlwind of an entry trying to touch base with everything. Gawd I dont know how people do it! Aww well..hopefully I will see everyone after the cruise!!

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