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July 19 2012

I think I need tied to the Dungeon cross and beat. Yes that is what I need. The question is..will I get it??

One of the things I am thankful for is that Master doesn't have a rule about posting to the journal. Some people must post once or twice a week. I post when I want. Thank god for small miracles for if I had a rule, then I would be in alot of trouble, especially these last few months.

Ya it is just that bad.

Business has slowed down to a slow run, I guess this is good, but I think long gone are the months that we are slow, for now slow is what used to be our busy season. I have help in the office. YAH. But I am still behind, always behind, always a list of to do. Add in the house, sheesh I wish I wasn't so OCD on the house and could let things go, noo course not, vacuum once a day, polish once a day, mop floors every other day, never a dirty dish in the sink...frig. OCD go away, a dirtier house would free up more time..for me, for Him.

And sad news, I am not going to post much on it, for I will cry. We had to put Ginger cat to sleep last week, the Cancer spread quickly and I was not allowing her to suffer. It was one of the most terrible days in my life. I cried and cried as I held her and said good bye. Aww here come the tears. Enough said on my dear cat Ginger, may she rest in peace with no pain or suffering. I tried to convince Master to bury her on top of the dryer, since the dryer, turned on and running was her favorite place,at the end there she would meow for us to turn it on and it would run 6, 7 8 hours a day.

Master would come in and say "Is there any clothes in it.".

I would reply "no".

He would say "you are going to burn out the dryer."

and my reply was "then we will buy a new dryer."

It was Gingers dryer, Master would not let me bury her on top of it, said the hole would be way too big. But I miss her, every time I pass the dryer I expect to see my cat there, waiting for me to turn it on.

Yes I miss her

Galloway the bird is doing well, He pretty much lives in my fish house, comes in a night for bed is all. He is so cute, lands on our head and shoulders and follows us all over the fish house. I love it when I am out with him.


It is SO damn hot here and HUMID and WET. We had 15.5 inches of rain in ONE WEEKEND. I think we need to build a boat, get two of each animals and set sail. If we don't flood then we will have more pets to love and care biggie we have the room..:)

Speaking of pets, I loved Ginger with all my heart, but I could not see me going without a cat, so soon I will show pictures of our not ONE but TWO new additions. Bazinga! and Tigger! Bazinga is a calico female, spayed and micro chipped she is about 4 months old, Tigger is a female tabby, spayed and micro chipped and is about 4 months old. They have made me laugh so much and they are so fun to have around (usually), Master was so kind as to allow me to get two cats. And our Dogs..bella is sick again with a staph infection, ya really, antibiotics for three weeks, possibly six and of course she goes every other week to her swim and massage therapy. She is our problem child. Gypsy is Gypsy, loves to chase frisbees and anything that moves, including the new kittens.

My house feels like a zoo at times.

Did I mention I hate MS?

Seems my bladder is not too happy about MS either for it keeps fucking up on me. Its a Neuro Genic Bladder which basically means it doesn't work right. But when it doesn't work right it means I get sick. I just finished yet another 14 day round of meds. Master wont use me when the bladder is bad, go figure. And so I finish the meds and no shit, i started my period the very next day. I should be done my period in a day or two. I am so hoping for a cross, a hood, getting pissed on, sucking His cock, gawd my clit is throbbing as I write that.

Yes I need, we BOTH need a good long hard scene and sex..yes SEX SEX SEX

So the new property, did I mention we got FIFTEEN inches of rain in ONE weekend. So we had to do a little laneway repair on the new property, and the fish house needed a new roof, and I am busy painting stuff for the yard, and painting the Safari Cart, and and and and..sighs.

No use even mentioning the new florid room now is there?

Might as well though. So the Florida room will be the LAST room we add onto the house. One wall will be cinder blocks/cement/fire brick for it will hold the indoor BBQ, the big wall will have 5 windows ( I think they are 50" wide by 63" tall..or maybe its 63" by 50 something like that) and then the next wall will have two big windows and a set of sliding glass doors that will open unto a covered cement slab (under this covered piece we can keep the wheel chair and safari cart) and of course it is all attached to the house. So a big room. Lots of light, ceramic floor, and wicker furniture as decor, some mood lights and I think, it will be gorgeous! So this project will be on the go as soon as they finish tearing down the patio. Yes, more to do, no time to do it.

No time argh, did I mention we are going to Canada in 21 days? Like we can afford the time off work! And we are going on a cruise in hmm like 90 days??? See why we have no time, we work hard, but we play even harder.

Just reading this exhaust me!

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