It's May Already!!!
May 12 2012

Wow, I cannot believe how fast this year is going by! It seems to just zoom and gone. Probably doesn't help that we are so busy but sheesh! So what is going on??

Not even sure what to say or where to begin, precious treasure wanted pics of pooh corner (see below) the pipes are no longer there, we had to put them in the new laneway and the new laneway is done. We rented a backhoe for a week and had dirt hauled in and POOF a laneway! It is so nice we tell everyone to use the new entrance. And pooh corner is along the entrance that and a bunch of other things. Argh I have too much free time on my hands..well actually I have none, but every minute of every day is filled. Is ok though we are loving it all.

Kids are doing well, all working and all remaining in some what good health our SIL had eye surgery yet again. Hopefully this will be the last one. And our Son may need his gall bladder removed we will know more on that within the coming weeks. But they all have insurance so that's good in one sense in another OMG medical bills are piling up and those bums next to us get medicare/medicaid and sit on their lazy asses and do nothing. ARGH. One of them has had surgery done twice this year..and WE FOOTED THE BILL. For this 26 year old lazy ass to sit on his ass and play video games..yup you and I. Meanwhile my WORKING, CONTRIBUTING to society kids are stuck even with insurance with thousands of dollars in medical bills. I swear unless you're sick/disabled you should be denied long term food stamps, long term medical. It should be EMERGENCY only, not OMG I am knocked up again with child number two (or six like the one nitwit neighbor has) but that's ok mommy and foodstamps and welfare will support me, but the tax payer will foot the bill. ARGH. Angers me. We are so fucked up we help the lazy and leave people that truly deserve the help... hanging. You know this woman was in line the other day at the grocery store and had WIC (women infant children) and she was wearing her uniform for McD's and getting WIC, THOSE are the people we are SUPPOSE to help. Our vets, we are suppose to help, our disabled we are suppose to help, the working poor, we are suppose to help, not some 18, 20, 22 year old that is popping out kids every couple of years and doing nothing!(accept fucking obviously) The neighbor with the six kids, is like 24, has had a kid every couple of years, and truly believes *we* owe her. Argh. Ok new topic LOL.

Friends, the munch and our sex life -- We been trying to get out more to see people, but it is now getting so hot, that it is impossible for me to do so and be comfortable. I miss sammi, SO MUCH! She has been busy and we have been busy but we do email and say hi!. Cj and Ms B are wonderful as usual and our friends Daddyman and His girl are just ok. They have had a rough month in that their third has left. It is not easy when you fall in love and then someone leaves. I hope they get through it. On that rant. I do not know of ANY poly that works. Sure sure Sister Wives but they are different in that the husband doesn't expect the four wives to all sleep together, hell they don't even live together and the wives are VERY independent of him. IN BDSM, that is not so. The Dom expects a threesome, expects dependency which varies from a little to being totally dependent on him, expects everyone to live happily ever after in his bed. And in my opinion it does not work. Its fun for casual, its fun for a weekend, but over time, there are too many issues, not enough time for each of them, jealousy, arguments ect. Now sammi and I disagree on this she truly believes it CAN work, I guess with me, its like most BDSM relations fail, higher rate then vanilla even, so if two people cant make a go of it why in the hell would you believe that three would? Master and I are very confident in our relationship, we have a strong relationship built on trust and beliefs and love and sharing etc..BUT we would never take in a third. I am sorry it didn't work out for them but I also hope that they never try to take in a third..again.

Sex - aww is good very good. I am hoping we get to scene this weekend it IS Mother's Day and that is what I want a NICE scene. LOl Only problem is..He cant tie my ankles, I went and hurt not one but BOTH, at Lowe's, when I dropped a piece of plywood on them. they are still bruised sore and swollen. I am sure He can work around that!

So the business - what a week from hell. we have had staffing issues all week. Its because we no longer have just one person working for us. before it was no OYE! Leather shop take a coffee break at 9:30 wood shop at 10:30, so leather shop thinks they can go out and shoot the shit with the wood shop and lunch one took it at 1 the other at 3 and of course, they visited each other on their lunches so essentially getting TWO lunches and FOUR breaks in a day. So..we had to change it all. Breaks are at 11 and 3:30 lunch is 1 to 1:30 for everyone! We also are bringing in a time clock. We had some issues with the paint room and some issues with the leather room staff and this week I was glad it ended! AND yes we are still busy. Its so weird doing 20 and 25 thousand a month. Given how small we are. Hell we are talking about hiring office help now. Ya really. Maybe by the end of the year.

The Pets - bella is back in water therapy (see pic below) to help with her torn ligament and her arthritis. She is getting old, breaks my heart! Ginger has started to show signs of cancer, losing weight and vomiting. I think we are down to weeks now. Makes me cry! No baby turtles YET but I am thinking anyday now, how exciting!! And Slytherin the snake is still comfortable in the fish house, so we let him be. Gypsy Dog is still our wild thing, but we love her to death and of course the fish and kois are well....and......

wait for it...



GALLOWAY!!!! He was brought to us a few days ago, he was found on the ground, alone, and so they brought him to us...ARGH let me tell you he as a HUGE set of lungs when he is hungry!!!! And we have to feed him using a needle dropper, with speciality food, and OMG he sees me coming and He screams and opens his little itty bity mouth and I squirt the food in and when he is all done I wipe his little chin and make sure he is clean and off we go..for another hour..yes you read right..every hour on the hour..he needs feed... I don't complain though, I know, just like kids, they grow up too fast and soon He be leaving the nest..literally. But He is so cute, when he sleeps he tucks his little head into his wing LOL. Adorable! Anyway here are a few pics!

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