Good Bye 2012
Dec 31 2012

Every Year I do a year in review..and this year is no different so here goes!!!
Jan we bought an additional 8 acres our yard grew in size!
Feb - we began the task of building a private driveway and exploring the new property. We hired part time help in the shop.
March - Was the status Quo with life keeping us so busy I was and still am finding little time to post.
April - Was a sad and happy month, Sad in that we found out our cat ginger was dying. But we also adopted a new pet, Galloway our Male Cardinal AND our turtles decided to lay eggs, lots of them. March taught me more about life and death. Ginger had surgery, and Galloway become part of the family.
May - We continued to work on the new property with the opening of Pooh Corner and our private driveway!! We bought a golf cart we transformed into a Zebra and we added paths to our eight acre woods.
June - Halfway thru the year and we have had record breaking sales.
July - One of the hardest months for me, in that we had to put Ginger my cat to sleep. I was so naive, I thought we would have her till Nov or Dec, but three months later, she was gone. Master held me as I cried and cried and cried over my lost pet, and when He felt the time was right, He took me to the pound, and I adopted two new kittens. Imagine my surprise when they came into our home, sick, and ALL the pets got ringworm ..ARGH. But today they are ALL healthy and happy, and a part of our family. July bought on more MS issues (seems to be the year for MS issues) and we booked a trip to Canada.
Aug Off to Canada for a week long visit. We purchased a new truck!!
Sept - We are now getting ready for the cruise and we hired full time help in the shop. Sept I made ZERO post and it seems like all year long, I have done nothing but apologize for not post.
Oct - We took our kids and their spouses on a family cruise, I swam with the stingray's AGAIN, the building of the florida room has begun!!
Nov - We started our busy season, thanksgiving was amazing and life is good
Dec - Christmas and kids and work has kept us busy
Misc thoughts - This year seems to have zoomed by, the kids have become wonderful adults! Our son and his GF are getting along better and building a life. Our daughter and SIL are finally discussing kids (YA!) and all are happy and content. Master and I, well its good, very good. Even if it seems I have spent more of this year sick..then anything else. It hasn't put a damper on us or our relationship.
The business - How do you thank the loyal customers that have allowed us to have the best year yet. It is because of them that we have a new shop and hired help and a decent life. For that I am thankful, we are thankful.
Our pets - Sometimes I feel like a zoo, with turtles and fish and kois and cats and dogs ..but I wouldn't change it for the world. Master says, my love for all creatures is one of the reason he loves me..I am glad he indulges me with my pets.
What the future holds. Well I am making a few changes come next year, in the business, in our health and our spending habits. But I do know that our relationship will remain strong, thru the good and the bad.
The year is over, hard to believe but I feel confident that 2013 will be good, how can it not be when I am fortunate for my family and the love that surrounds us.
Please be safe this New Years eve

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