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Breath Control


Breathplay: -- Erotic asphyxiation, asphyxiophilia, breath control play, or scarfing, is the practice of intentionally reducing the amount of oxygen to the brain during sexual stimulation in order to heighten the received pleasure from orgasm. One of the most potentially dangerous SM activities, requiring responsibility, trust and scrupulous safety practice.

Gas Mask - A gas mask is a mask worn on the face to restrict breathing

Leather/Cloth Hoods - A hood worn over the entire head and face to restrict breathing. The intensity of a hood during breath play can vary depending on the  thickness of the hood and material used.

ReBreathing -  or suffocation involves breathing into an airtight reservoir so that the amount of oxygen in the air gradually decreases. Simplest form is a polythene bag held over the head - easily removed and giving the odd sensation of being able to see the surroundings almost as normal while the oxygen runs out. Fetish devices include breathing tubes linked to valved rebreathe bladders as used in anesthesia. Or simply hold your noses and breathe in and out of each others' mouths for a while. 

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