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BDSM or Bondage Cuffs -  are restraints designed for the practice of consensual sexual bondage. They are wide wrist and ankle restraints generally made of leather, often padded with soft leather or fake fur. They are secured around the wrist or ankle, and the cuff is then attached to another cuff or other object. They are often equipped with D-ring attachments or buckles to fit nylon webbing restraints.

Fetters - shackles or leg irons are a kind of physical restraint used on the feet or ankles. The term "fetter" shares a root with the word "foot". In humans, typically only prisoners or bondage fetishists will wear shackles

Handcuffs - are restraint devices designed to secure an individual's wrists close together. They comprise two halves, linked together by a chain or hinge. Each half has a rotating part which engages with a ratchet which is closed around a person's wrist. Without the key, the person cannot move their wrists more than a few inches (centimetres) apart, making many tasks difficult or impossible.

Testicle Cuffs - is a ring-shaped device around the scrotum between the body and the testicles such that when closed it does not allow the testicles to pass through it. A common type has two connected cuffs; one for the scrotum and one for the base of the penis. They are one of many different gadgets for restraining the male genitalia.

Suspension cuffs - are a specialized form of bondage cuffs, designed to be used to suspend the body during suspension bondage without injury.

Thumbcuffs - are a metal restraining device that lock thumbs in proximity to each other.


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Leather Cuffs , Suede Cuffs  available in our BDSM Store