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Brown Showers/Scat


Often Considered Edge Play

Scat: --Slang term for coprophilia, a sexual fetish involving feces

Coprophilia - is a paraphilia consisting of the condition of feeling sexual excitement focused on feces, often in conjunction with BDSM or infantilism. An alternative term is scat fetishism, which shares a root with the scientific and literary term scatology.

Coprophagia -  is the consumption of feces

Brown Showers - Brown showers refer to partners who defecate on one another. This may be done using enemas, some of which may consist of diluted wine or food

Human Toilet - is the practice of defecating and/or urinating on someone as a BDSM practice, often on that person's face or in that person's mouth to simulate a toilet. This may or may not include some consumption of the material, consumption of which may carry health risks

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Human Toilet