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Hood  - is a fetishistic hood. It may be made from rubber, latex, PVC, spandex, or leather.

Full-face hood - is designed to cover the head completely in the manner of a mediaeval executioner's mask, and thus has an opening at the back to extend the neck hole. This opening may be closed up with a zip or cord.

Open-faced hoods - There are also similar tight-fitting open-faced hoods, which are much safer to use because they do not obstruct the wearer's breathing. One of the most popular kinds is the "ponygirl" hood. This covers the wearer's entire head and neck with a large opening in front that frames the face in the manner of a medieval wimple or traditional nun's habit.

The open-faced hood, which fits snugly over the head much like a swimming cap, sometimes tapers down at the center of the wearer's forehead in a curved V-shape, thus creating a kind of heart-shaped frame for the face.

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