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Fire cupping  - is said to have predated traditional needle acupuncture and cupping sets can be found in some Asian stores, depending on your geographic location. The way that fire cupping works is that the air in the cups is heated and then placed upon the skin. If there is a good seal onto the skin then the result is that a vacuum is created and the skin will be partially pulled into the cup.

Some will wipe alcohol directly on the skin and then quickly place the cup over the area. Done correctly this will extinguish the fire and create a vacuum. Another method is to hold the cup over an open flame until it is warm and then apply it to cool skin. Yet another method involves placing small disks with cotton balls soaked in alcohol on them onto the skin. The cotton is then ignited and a cup is placed over the disk. It is important to note that the disk must be flame resistant and slightly smaller than the mouth of the cup.

Fire cupping will typically leave small, round marks on the body that may last for days. If a single area is cupped again and again, a deep bruise may form and not disappear for some time.



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