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Leather Flogger BDSM Gear

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Flogging/Flagellation is the act of whipping (Latin flagellum, "whip") the human body. Specialized implements for it include rods, switches and the cat-o-nine-tails. Typically, whipping is performed on unwilling subjects as a punishment; however, flagellation can also be submitted to willingly, or performed on oneself, in religious or sadomasochistic contexts.

Flogger - A multi-tongue whipping implement specially made to use for such fetish and/or erotic BDSM flogging, usually of the cat o' nine tails -, scourge- or martinet-type, and often so called, but often made more decorative (e.g. colourful) and sometimes in less cruel materials than tough leather, such as soft-fibred cord; a miniature version for male genitorture is called ball whip



Toys Used During This Activity

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leather or suede Gorean or Roman flogger or slave whip,Gor

Gorean Kurt


bondage floggers

Suede Flogger


horse hair flogger, leather flogger, deer hide flogger, suede flogger

Leather Flogger


Additional Resources


Flogging in History

Guide to Erotic Flogging

Basics of flogging



Suede Flogger, Leather Flogger, Horsehair Flogger and Whips at BDSM Gear