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Fire play is a type of BDSM play that involves lighting 50% to 70% rubbing alcohol or other flammable substances on or very close to the skin. Fire play is often considered a form of edge play and can be very fun but also a very dangerous scene. If done correctly fire play can leave little to no marks on the skin or can permanently brand the skin of the bottom. A brand can also be applied by repeated applications to the same area of the body.

Bouncing - In this method fire batons or larger torches are typically used. Both are tapped onto the skin in a rapid succession so that the alcohol is set on fire at almost the same time that it touches the skin. This provides a quick and short burst of flame. Another way to carry out this method is to heavily soak one torch or baton in alcohol and then set it on fire. The skin is then quickly and heavily struck so to deposit and set alight the excess alcohol.

Fire cupping -  is said to have predated traditional needle acupuncture and cupping sets can be found in some Asian stores, depending on your geographic location. The way that fire cupping works is that the air in the cups is heated and then placed upon the skin. If there is a good seal onto the skin then the result is that a vacuum is created and the skin will be partially pulled into the cup.

Some will wipe alcohol directly on the skin and then quickly place the cup over the area. Done correctly this will extinguish the fire and create a vacuum. Another method is to hold the cup over an open flame until it is warm and then apply it to cool skin.

Streaking - is the process of applying the alcohol to the skin, usually in long strips or various designs, and then setting it on fire. The Top's free hand will then follow in the wake of the flame, extinguishing the flame. The amount of delay from the fire to the extinguishing of the flame will vary depending upon the material being set on fire, the goal of the scene, or the bottom's tolerance to pain and/or heat. While lit torches and fire batons are typically used it is not that unusual to see the same method being used


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