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Exhibitionism, also known as flashing, is behavior by a person that involves the exposure of private parts of their body to another person in a situation when they would not normally be exposed, with a tendency toward an extravagant. The act may be at least partially sexual or intended to attract the attention of another.

There are various types of behaviour which are classified as exhibitionism. These include:

* Flashing is the display of bare breasts by a woman with an up-and-down lifting of the shirt and/or bra or a person exposing and/or stroking his or her genitals.

* Mooning is the display of the bare buttocks by the pulling-down of trousers and underwear. This act is more often done for the sake of humor than for sexual excitement.

* Anasyrma is lifting up of the skirt when not wearing underwear, to expose genitals.

* Martymachlia is a paraphilia which involves sexual attraction to having others watch the execution of a sexual act.

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