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Food Play


Food play can have sexual or non-sexual connotations. It often refers to Sitophilia, a form of sexual fetishism in which participants are aroused by erotic situations involving food.

Food play can also involve the insertion of food into ones vagina or anus. * Sitophila[citation needed] - The desire to eat foods off the body of another person. Depending on the consistency of the food used, this may border on wet and messy fetishism.

* Nyotaimori - A sexual activity recognized predominantly in Japan in which sushi is ritualistically consumed off a woman's body

* Fruit and vegetable fetishism - A sexual activity involving the use of fruit or vegetables for sexual gratification. In addition to use in foreplay, they are sometimes used in penetration.

* Meat fetishism - A sexual activity where various meats are the focus of erotic desire.

* Yeastiality - A sexual activity in which bread or bread dough is the focus of erotic desire. According to Google Images, There is no documented examples of Yeastiality. However, its practice is common in many South American countries, as well as India.

* Wakamezake (?????), also called wakame sake and seaweed sake, is a sexual act involving drinking alcohol from a woman's body. The woman closes her legs tight enough that the triangle between the thighs and mons pubis form a cup, and then pours sake down her chest into this triangle. Her partner then drinks the sake from there. The name comes from the idea that the woman's pubic hair in the sake resembles soft seaweed (wakame) floating in the sea.

* Food Dangling - A slang word describing an activity during which someone has food dangling from his or her mouth. Usually only the observer is sexually aroused.

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