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Role play where one is an infant.

Infantilism (paraphilic) is a certain psychological condition experienced by those whose level of physical maturity has clearly progressed beyond the life-stage of infancy. The defining aspect of this condition is the derivation of a profound sense of well-being or of a certain type of great pleasure that becomes associated with various infantile objects and/ or infantile roleplaying .

Infantilists usually combine the submission of the baby role with the fetishes of diapers, though not all infantilists actually practice coprophilia or watersports. Some, known as diaper lovers (or DLs) enjoy wearing diapers without taking the role of an infant. Those who prefer to role play as infants are often referred to as adult babies (or ABs). Some forms of infantilism are purely regressive, without any sexual contact, however most forms include some aspect of sexuality. Where dominance and submission are involved, the top or dominant plays the role of a parent, nursemaid, or babysitter.


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