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Emergency Room Sex snafus! True stories of what Doctors and nurses have seen in the emergency room when sex fun goes wrong..:) read more

CAR SEX Man makes love to his two autos man in America has spoken of his love of having sex with his two cars. According to 'Closer', Jordan Witham has a male and a female car, read more

WELCOME TO FUCKING Town sets up CCTV Officials in the Austrian town of Fucking have installed CCTV in front of the town sign to try and deter tourists having sex in front of it. read more

NORWEIGAN QUICKIE Couple in sex speeding arrest A Norwegian man has been arrested after he was caught having sex with his girlfriend while speeding down a motorway. read more

ODOURLESS UNDERWEAR Japanese breakthrough! Japanese scientists claim to have invented odour free underwear read more

NEIGHBOUR SEX Man sued for not impregnating wife A judge in Stuttgart, Germany is set to rule on a lawsuit in which a man hired his neighbour to impregnate his wife read more

G-STRINGS Sexy underwear poses health riskIt seems life just got that bit tougher for bikini models. read more

HEART-STOPPING SEX Couple knock themselves out A nurse has told of how she had to tend to a young couple who had knocked themselves out during sex. read more

HORNY HOUSEMATES Big Brother-style sex house A Big Brother-style house of sex has opened its doors with 11 horny housemates. read more

VACUUM SEX Man jailed for car wash romp A man in America has been jailed for having sex with a car wash vacuum cleaner. read more

SEX SPRAY Scientists develop long-lasting drug A spray which is claimed to help men last up to six times longer during sex has been developed by scientists in the UK. Read More

PIMP PAYMENTS Prostitute given chicken nuggets A 27-year-old pimp in Australia 'paid' one of his prostitutes in chicken nuggets whilst her income allowed him to pay the rent on his apartment. Read More

NUDIST HOTEL A naked place to stay Germany’s first nudist-only hotel is being built, and is set to open soon. Read More

McSTRIPPERS McDonald's sues naked drive-thru A drive-through strip club in Sweden is being sued by McDonalds Read More

RACOON BITES PENIS Russian's camping hell A man in Russia, identified only as Alexander K., has had a large chunk of his penis bitten off by a racoon. Read More

PENIS SELF-MUTILATION Man cuts off his manhood A Russian man cut off his own penis after fighting with his girlfriend. Read More

AGGRESSIVE PROSTITUTE Woman demands sex A prostitute broke into an apartment in the US and demanded sex from three men. Read More

POWER TOOL SEX Woman injured by hybrid toy A woman in Maryland was admitted to hospital after suffering injuries in an incident involving a sex toy attached to a saber saw blade Read More