A Fantasy

Kneeling naked at Your feet, red tresses falling around my shoulders, big green eyes peeking to You waiting, wondering....

Bending at the expanse of my waist, placing a small kiss upon each of Your feet showing You my love and devotion, settling back in upon crossed heels, thighs parted widely showing You all that You own, showing You the softness of my cunt, the wetness from my arousal.


Hearing the soft music in the background, seeing the lights turned down low, knowing today is the day, that i truly becomes Yours. Fidgeting nervously as i watch You prepare to tie me, to bind me tightly, ensuring i dont move. Trying not to show my nervousness as You turn to me, bending down to look at me , kissing me gently up on the forehead as You order me to stand. Getting to my feet nervously, standing in all my nakedness before You, watching seeing You reach for the ropes to bind my breast as You whisper words of comfort, words of love...feeling the rope wrap tightly around my breast pulling at them, causing pain to course thru me. Sucking in my breath sharply, as You tie them off, knowing this is but the beginning. Looking to You as You tell me that You are preparing me, that later this evening when the time comes, i will be ready to accept the pain, knowing the pleasure it will bring to You. Then feeling You force me back to my knees. Once more looking to You watching as You go about preparing things for tonight's visitor, feeling my stomach turn with fear, with love, with devotion. My breast becoming sore from the ropes. Listening to You tell me how much You love me how i will stay for tonight's visitor, how i won't move for i am ready.

Watching You as You move towards me, carrying the clamps within Your hands, bending and placing one on each nipple, then many around my breast, kissing me as You do so. Letting me know this is all part of getting me ready, to accept what is to come.

Ordering me to my feet once again, attaching a leash to my collar, leading me into our bedroom, my eyes becoming wide with love and fear as i see the darkness within, see the flicker of the candle light within the darkness...moving me towards the post

Standing still my breast aching from hurt watching as You attach the cuffs to my wrist and ankles. Listening to You as You inform me that throughout this day i will experience more pain, more humiliation, more love and loyalty then i have ever felt before and come the end of the day, i will be ready for the brand.

Shivering as i feel myself want to melt to a puddle at Your feet, knowing i need to obey, remaining still, as the cuffs are placed tightly upon me. Feeling You attach them to the post. my arms stretched high above my heads, my legs spread widely, moaning with the desire to please, closing my eyes and biting my lip as i feel the sting of the flogger upon my legs, again and again and again. Moving it from my legs to my back, to my ass, to where i will wear Your mark. Crying out softly as i struggle the pain becoming too much, feeling You touch me softly, whispering that You love me as You undue my hands and feet, removing the clamps from my breast touching them holding them, telling me You will not use me until later this night, after i have be branded.

Leading me to the cage, breast still bound, melting to my hands and knees as Your order me to climb in..then hearing You once more tell me to stop...waiting silently on my hands and knees ass high in the air, feeling You shove the pony tail into my tightness, crying out with pain with humiliation as You then swat my ass once more and order me into the cage.

There i rest...

Watching You leave, giving me orders to rest to not remove the breast binding nor the pony tail, nodding my head slowly, hearing Your words then curling up..waiting

Waking later to the feel of Your poking me thru the bars ordering me out once again, wiping the sleep from my eyes, my breast now aching with pain as i climb out of the cage remaining on my hands and knees looking to You with love, listening to You tell me the time is getting closer that we have work to do.

Feeling the leash attached once more to my collar and then a tug as i crawl on hands and knees following You out of the bedroom and into the living room...gasping as i see the clamps upon the table as i see the weights, yet not running, remaining still. Watching You as You reach for a weighted clamp attaching it to my breast as it dangles below me, then attaching one to the other, crying out loudly as pain rushes thru me, looking to You, seeing You unzip You pants, knowing You want pleased, opening my mouth waiting..moaning softly as Your hardness enters my lips, pushing it deep in the back of my throat gagging me, giving me no time to prepare for it, fucking my mouth hard, crying loudly as my breast move the weights pulling at them, hearing You call me Your nasty lil slut, Your toy, Your pony...

Gasping in surprise as You pull away, telling me not yet, is not time to take full pleasure from me. Tears filling my eyes as my body is over come with pain..with deep intense love for You..nodding slowly in reply..watching as You walk towards the stereo turning it up loud, then moving back to my side, pulling at my leash, ordering me to follow You back to the bedroom..crawling back to the bedroom each move causing the weights to tug at my breast causing them to hurt, the pain become less, my senses becoming numb all but to the fact that i need to please You.

Listening to You as You once again whisper how special i am, how much You love me, then a sharp pain coursing thru my pussy as You attach weighted clamps to each side moaning softly, no longer feeling what You do only hearing Your words. Standing up as ordered each move causing me to hurt, to love, to feel, to want, no longer caring how it hurts as long as i please. Shivering as i watch You attach more weights to my nipples, then once more moving me to the post, quickly attaching my cuffs to it....

Bending to whisper to me asking me if i need a gag, for this will be bad, will be the only time it is ever this bad, but is in preparation for what is soon to come shaking my head no....closing my eyes... gasping loud in pain as i feel Your single tail hit my flesh arching my back, then screaming in pain as in comes down again and again, my nipples no longer hurting, the weights no longer making pain rush thru me, just the kiss of Your whip on my back...shivering as You stop...listening as You speak to me of Your love for me, knowing all is well and that i am ok, i am safe, closing my eyes, reveling in the pain...shuddering as i feel the flogger on my flesh, feel as if my body is on fire..moaning softly...

Thankful that You have stopped, feeling You soft touch upon me, telling me it is almost time, uncuffing me once again, slipping to the floor at Your feet, as i watch You move the boards, as i watch You prepare the table for my branding

Shuddering with fear as the knock comes to the door...You look to me, i can see the love in Your eyes, again attaching the leash to my collar, the clamps still attached to my flesh, the pony tail sticking out of my ass as You lead me into the living room to meet the one that will do my brand. Kneeling quietly, as I listen to You and Him discuss me as if i was but an object.

Moaning softly as we all enter the bedroom, me crawling on my hands and knees, stopping only to kiss Your feet in love and devotion...watching as He prepares His equipment to do the brand. Shuddering as You order me to the make shift table, telling me the time is near, helping me stand, leading me to the boards, removing the nipple clamps, listening to me cry out in pain, then ordering me to rest my stomach upon them, bending at the waist placing my head to the boards, my ass free and clear for all to see feeling You tie my wrist, my feet, my waist, knowing the time is near. Listening as You and The Brander discuss my fate. lying there helpless lost in my love ,my devotion, my pain.

Hearing Him say about 15 minutes and it will be time, the music playing in the background. Not seeing but hearing You approach, Hearing Your words as You once more tell me that it is going to be bad, but this time informing me there will be no offer for a gag, for You wish to hear my screams of love. Closing my eyes, shivering as i feel the pony tail being removed from my tight ass then Your whip, Your flogger, Your crop come down across my flesh, preparing it preparing me, coming down hard and quick, my tears running down my face as legs become weak. shivering as You approach, telling me the time has come, listening to me plead and beg to stop yet knowing this is what i want, just so afraid of the pain, Feeling Your hands caress me, touch me softly gently, hearing Your words of love as You tell Him to begin, that i am not going anywhere

Screaminggggggggggggggggggggggggg in pain as the hot metal comes down upon my flesh, smelling the smoke, the odor of burned flesh trying not to gag, trying to hear just Your words as Your tell me You love me, that i am now Yours. shivering..waiting..still tied as He looks at His brand, seeing all is well, tears running down my face, as You lead Him out....waiting again, not sure if i can even move...

Moaning softly as i feel You approach me from behind the pain overwhelming me, as You reach around and untie my breast not even feeling the pain as the rope that has bound me for most of the day leaves listening to You, sensing Your happiness...

Listening to You, feeling Your touch. Feeling the pain, still crying softly as You enter my pussy from behind with Your throbbing cock, listening to You tell me You love me and gently carefully taking what You own.... close to exhaustion, my body shuddering with pain as You untie me and carefully gently help me to the bed, my legs weak, unable to support me as You settle me in on my stomach, my ass, Your brand, there for You to see, burying my head in the pillow as i feel You begin the tedious task of taking care of the burn, rubbing a healing salve upon it, trying not to cry out...closing my eyes, feeling sleep come upon me, feeling Your arms wrapped upon my naked slave frame...hearing Your words...I am pleased and you are mine..i love i drift off to sleep..content...happy...