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August 2006
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Tuesday, August 1 2006 15:28:07

The Ultimate Mistress, Andrea Yates, Punishes Us All

Not just the concept but the actualization of freedom is only 50% of civilization. The other full and just as crucial 50% is responsibility, they are inexorability coupled. These are the very corner stones of what civilization is; everyone agreeing to adhere to the basic rules, limits, perimeters. Why do you think it’s called alterative? Most of the time that really means just on one end of the other of the bell curve not off it.

F/folks, responsibility intends to consequences if O/one fails in their social acts. However to fail enforcement of responsibility leaves us in a very awkward place; the need to restrict freedom. It has always been the inevitable result. More and more rules, more and more laws by those so inclined to be appalled by this lack, yet in trying to “fix” it they always go to the other extreme.

If W/we fail at administering real punishments for appropriate sins or crimes then W/we punish all of U/us. The hedonist and the progressive secularist who see no limits as the best limit are in serious denial of even their own lives. To be able to not just survive but to live Y/your life in a free society, where yes, even alternative lives are tolerated mostly, is often a skirmish but W/we’re all in this together, one way or another.

Is it not just the need to serve but also knowledge of consequences that keeps the slave in line? Is it not just the need to be served but also knowledge of consequences that cause the Master to provide the correct structure so He may indeed use and re-use His properties? Do You think it is a good idea to let a slave who has earned it large or small to go unpunished? Or better to just find a way to “understand” her? What is the job discretion; sub or slave?

How many of U/us can really afford to live 100% off the Social Grid? Despite what the free thinking instant gratification of the flesh crowd believes if W/we want a society which does allow for most of O/our wants and desires and deeper needs to continue on, to have actual freedom to endure, then when W/we are faced with those who can not or will not control their most base natures, wither from illness or malice, what ever gender of station it unfortunately makes no difference.

There must be some taboos collectively that have the harshest of real consequences, not as a deterrence but as a symbol to show W/we still do crave O/our collective freedom no matter how painful the results. To fight hard to disallow this for those guilty is to fight against O/ourselves. This is not educating anyone about anything other than a lack of understanding about freedom itself. Failing to administer individual punishment when appropriate to do so, we end up administering collective punishment upon ourselves.

It’s not about societal feminization, or Political Correctness, or never ever saying anything bad about “ones own” under the guise of illness politically misunderstood; conveniently the dead, young or old have no voice and can not tell us their views. No, punishment is valuable, it is literally about maintaining O/our lives as W/we want to live them and that means consequences. How many times have Y/you heard “Master loves me so much because He takes the time to punish me.” Are Y/you really clear about how much of an alternative life Y/you want to live?


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