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Bdsm Basics

BDSM means
Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochist
Bondage, Doggyplay, Submission and Masochist
Bondage Discipline Spankings and Masochist
Bondage, Discipline, Sex and Masochist

Which of these statements are true?
BDSM is non consensual
BDSM may or may not involve sex of any kind.
BDSM is unpleasant undesireable and abusive
BDSM is legal in the Nation

RACK Means
rope abrasion corporal kink
risk aware cybersex kink
risk aware consenual kink
none of the above

A Safe Call is
A useless way to inform the police that you are in danger
The idea is that when you are meeting a scene you will have a friend waiting for your phone call and if you do not make that call on time then that person will call the police.
A good idea but in real life essentially useless
All of the above

Laura Antoniou wrote
The Market Place Series
The Catalyst and Other Works
No Other Tribute & Some Women,
All of the above

True or False - There is No such thing as a "Slave Register"

Pick the answer most suited to the questions Gorean is defined as...
alternate-world setting for John Norman's "Chronicles of Gor
means an adherent of the philosophies espoused in Norman's writings,
used to refer to the fictional counter-earth, to its inhabitants and social customs, and to the particular language which is the most widely-spoken lingua franca in the known inhabited regions of Gor
All of the above

Define Facesitting
No such activity
A slang term for french kissing
Exactly as it states "sitting upons anothers face"
None of the above

Which of these Bondage Safety measures are true
you can always leave an individual gagged and bound
its okay to fully restrain a stranger on your first date
Always have safety paramedic scissors nearby.
You know they are tied tight enough wne the body part starts to "tingle"

Which of the following is true
All of the below
Sharp edges or rough areas on the paddle may break the skin.
The narrower the paddle, the less noise it will make and the more likely it is to leave marks.
BDSM should safe and consenual

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