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BDSM Terms

Sex toy for females :
Skin tight suits that cover the entire body :
BDSM Japanese rope Bondage
String of clothes pins

acronym for Your kink is normal and okay
acronym for You kink is not our kink"
acronym for "Your Kink Is Not OK
None of The Above

sexual fetishism
fixation on an inanimate object or a body part
arousal whening thinking about sexual intercourse
none of the above

erotic massage
an activity a slave can preform on her Master/Owner
is the use of massage techniques for erotic purposes
conducted with the subject naked and undraped
All of the above

elbow bondage
Is a BDSM Fantasy
Cannot be done
restraint of a person's elbows by binding them close together behind the person's back
Is painful

Dossie Easton
Co Author of the Market Place Series
Co Author of A Liszt of The Ethical Slut, a guide to infinite sexual possibilities,
Co Author to Different Loving
None of the Above

a subjective term for types of sexual play that are "over the edge" of the traditional safe, sane and consensual creed.
Is non exisistent in BDSM for participants are Risk Aware
Anyone can do edge play no training is needed
There is no danger with edge play

Another word for Mistress
woman who takes the dominant role in bondage and discipline
Address as Ma'am
All of the Above

No Idea
anal toy meant to massage the male prostrate
is a freeze frame of a mainstream movie or TV series showing a beautiful woman tied up and/or gagged
cap to be worn by bad boys and girls in the bdsm scene

Florentine flogging
is a two-handed style of flagellation used in BDSM which involves the rhythmic use of a pair of matching floggers, one in each hand of the person administering the flogging.
A way to show off your flogging techniques
multi-tongue whipping implement
all of the above

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