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Handballing is
A ball game
The sexual act of fisting
The sexual act of jerking off your partner
None of the above

Jennings gag is
poorly designed for bdsm use and has a tendency to fall out
a popular form of gag used in BDSM scenes and imagery.
device used to hold the patient's mouth open when working in the oral cavity,
All of the above

Kali's teeth bracelet
a bracelet made by the owner to display her childs teeth
often used as a form of chastity device (see chastity belts) for men.
a chasity belt for woman
similiar to a collar

no idea
is an examination of someone's genitalia and anus,
s the paraphilia of deriving sexual pleasure from enemas.
a form of genital beading

describes a sexual practice by which a man is anally penetrated by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo.
The use of blow darts
is a kind of roleplay or fantasy that revolves around a male being dressed as a girl in front of his mother
erms used to describe the massage or stimulation of the prostate gland in males

Society of Janus is
a religious organization
a San Francisco, California based BDSM education and support group, and is the second oldest BDSM organization in the USA
A division of "Old Guard"
none of the above

sukaranbo is
form of japanese rope bondage
common in Western-style bondage
a crotch rope
all of the above

a device used for the application of low current,high voltage is called
vaccum bed
violet wand
none of the above

A fan of ScarFace
a permanent body modification that uses scar tissue produced by the body to form designs, pictures, or words in the skin.
all of the above

was a lesbian-feminist BDSM organization
another name of a SAM (smart ass maschoist)
Autho of Screw the Roses
means sexual bondage

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