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Do You Know The Bloggers #2

Has a new journal on live jurnal often writes with humor. Married and finding His way around
Diary of a pornographer
Sean and Mel
None of the above

They Went travelling around the nation in a RV .
Diary of a Pornographer
Sex with sean and Mel
A slave boys Journal

Lives in the Great White North and works in Education
Yes Master
The Journey

Recently made numerous trips to home depot to purchase a chain for one of the toys
My Bottom Smarts
Life as a slave
Under His hand
Married Mans fucktoy

Takes the time to Translates her journal so that all her readers can enjoy reading about her life
Slut on Display
Memoirs of a real slave
The Pets Place

States the following I am a mother a slave a slut a masochist a control freak a friend
Lessons Learned
Becoming His

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