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The Yes Master website is excited to be offering this new feature! This feature is open to ANY individual be it Dom, Master, sub, slave or just a little kinky, that is interested in keeping a public or a private journal.

        We do have a few suggestions to help make things easier. 

1) If your interested in having your journal listed on the Yes Master website please email me with your login name and the name of your journal. This is CASE SENSITIVE.

2)If your keeping a private journal you MUST remember to click on the "Only I can read this entry" bullet.

3)Be sure to save your entry and then publish it!

4)Your control panel allows you to make the journal YOUR OWN. Play with it and have some fun! If you need to upload backgrounds or pictures just email me and I will be glad to assist you. 

5) This is a user friendly site and you should be able to start posting to your own journal immediately but I am here to help if needed! 


CLICK HERE and then choose a Username and Password

And congratulations you have just created your own journal !

Any time you want to visit your journal just visit our web site www.fire-runner.com, go to journals, and then look towards the bottom of the page for Visit Your Journal or just bookmark this page and you can Click here to visit your journal
NOTE: Your username and password are case sensitive.
From inside your journal be sure to have a look at the help button for all sorts of tips, tricks, and help!

Please be sure to visit the Toplist!

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