Erotic Journals

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These journal cover everything else that is sexual in nature

Adventures in Multiplicity--- married in a polyamorous relationship. my life is full and happy. read more

The Heron Clan --- We are adults living polyamorously. We sometimes discuss BDSM power exchange dynamics here read more

Three Worlds Collide --- One Master and two submissive woman begin again......together! read more

Emilie Gets Spanked---A journal capturing the spanking life of Mike and Emilie read more

Spank My Bottom --- Elizabeth drops her knickers, bares her bottom, and says Hello. read more

Tara's Trysts--- The Girl Next Door Gone Porn read more

Dirty Spanking Blog --- Im a 21 year old schoolgirl from Norway. I live with Arnold (my husband to be), whos very good to me. My dear Arnold, often has to spank me because of all the naughty things I do, and when He does, I usually post some pictures of it here read more

Adele Haze Spanking Model Speaks--- Musing on the science of artistic suffering read more

Dirty Boys Dirty Thoughts--- I'm an Englishman now living in New York, and I write erotica for women. You'll find lots of explicit sexual fantasies here - go enjoy the archives and have fun! read more