Erotic Journals

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These journal cover everything else that is sexual in nature

Naughty Elliot--- I'm a 30-something perverted virgin. I've been exploring my sexuality online for several years now. I will post in depth about my interests in all things kink (and even non-kink), especially BDSM. Talk is cheap, but I'm cheaper. read more

And the strangest things..seem suddenly routine--- The life and loves of a former missionary and one time yuppie turned bondage rope maker and sex worker on his quest to change the world, one bedroom at a time. read more

Spankedhortic--- I am an English man living in Flanders (Belgium). Professionally I am a Horticulturalist, on an amateur level I crave spankings and enjoy historical interests. read more

Visiting my muse --- Always learning, always exploring, always trying to find meaning in experiences that, for many, often defy categorization. read more

CornerTime for Naughty Girls ---All about my spankings and my love read more

Clare Fonda Spanking--- my videos, my sites, my shoots, my world - As a sub Clare could take one of the hardest spankings and was always hiding her marked bottom from her boyfriend. She told him she was doing animal rescue on the weekends while she was actually making great money and enjoying most of the spankings she received. read more

Brambleberry Blush --- I stumbled across a spanking blog, completely by accident, and it all fell into place for me. My husband, Ben, was a little stunned, to say the least, but a very willing topper. Believe me, it's been a wild ride this last year. But I'm feeling more confident about my spanko tendencies, ready to explore more deeply read more

Dirty Spanking Blog --- Im a 21 year old schoolgirl from Norway. I live with Arnold (my husband to be), whos very good to me. My dear Arnold, often has to spank me because of all the naughty things I do, and when He does, I usually post some pictures of it here read more

Spank My Bottom --- Elizabeth drops her knickers, bares her bottom, and says Hello. read more

Emilie Gets Spanked---A journal capturing the spanking life of Mike and Emilie read more