Journals written by submissives


My Submissive Life Living life as a pet/slave serving my Master, with children, business, bipolar and everything else life throws in the way. read more

Dirty Little Mind--- I am a dirty little girl who loves to share my stories with you. Please sit back, relax and enjoy reading my sexy fantasies. read more

Pandoras Blog --- a young and opinionated submissive model in the UK spanking scene. Excellent blog great read read more

Living the Taken In Hand lifestyle long distance. --- I got married in November, 2010 and I decided to blog about my long distance Taken in Hand marriage. read more

Halcyon and On --- What you can expect - writings and ramblings, on everything from sex and power exchange to music to politics to religion and back again. read more

Warriors Pet --- A great Blog written with heart and devotion. Honest open and at times humorous. read more

Punishment BookThis is not a blog about wives and girlfriends who get beaten because that's the way wives and girlfriends should be treated by the men or women in their lives. It's a real life discussion (albeit rather a slow one lately) by women who freely choose this because, for whatever reasons (it varies -- just ask us, we've been writing for six years here alone) it works for us. read more

Spirited Meanderings--- I am a wife, mother, consensual slave, writer of fantasy and science fiction, and lover of everything Star Wars. Yeah, you can say I stay pretty busy. read more

Kinky Little GirlI am a young woman living in the middle of the United States. I was formerly part of a poly family made up of three adults and three children. Currently I live with my Master and we parent our children 50% of the time. We have a Master/slave dynamic. read more

Heart and Soul--- ....Ramblings, Observations, confessions and naughty thoughts which will probably get me spanked. read more

A Slaves Journal--- ....A perodic insight into the gorean slave experience. My name is saphi, slave to my Master, Master Xallen. This journal is a keepsake of my experiences on Gor, the year thatís passed and the years to come. A friend of mine, lalea, inspired me to build this journal to share those experiences. read more

Cheery Frosted Sprinkles--- Iím a submissive. Iíve been exploring the lifestyle for quite a few years. My partner is new to the lifestyle but moving along quite well. We want to go slow, there is no need to rush. Everyday is a surprise. I dont know where we will end up or which path weíre taking. I hope the journey never stops! read more

B the Slave--- .... i'm a consensual male slave who has submitted to my Mistress to be her slave/fuck toy. While we are both still figuring out things i think we have a lot of fun! read more

Angel Brats Blog---Random thoughts from the mind of me - a happily married stay at home wife and mother with two beautiful girls.. read more

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