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A submissives journey--- i believe that i have always been submissive, but it is only in the past few years that i have discovered this part of me, and allowed it to develop read more

A submissives musing --- a young and opinionated submissive model in the UK spanking scene. read more

f-cynyr: let the wild rumpus begin --- a blog of my erotic poetry read more

The Journey--- Sir and i have built our relationship based on D/s for a foundation and a whole lot of BDSM for strength and character. read more

Inside The Velvet Rope --- am a masochistic submissive who will perpetually find herself in service to a sadistic Dom. He makes all of this make sense. read more

Submissive In the City --- The real-life adventures of a submissive woman searching for love and a dominant man in the big city (after years of ignoring her submissive tendencies and hoping shed find a dominant guy through vanilla dating routes). read more

Curvaceous Dee --- Words are my thing. I'm fat, poly, pansexual, civilly unioned, submissive, kiwi, and happy to be all of the above. I love the words 'fat', 'slut', and 'cunt', and hate the spelling of the word 'cum'. read more

Emerging on the Other Side --- Just another overeducated skank and proud of it... read more

Perverted Republican--- This site is intended for ADULTS ONLY! If you are not of age, literally or figuratively, SCOOT! read more

A Slave Among Drivers--- Biddable is a slave on a mission. In 2010 she's going to learn to move and groove. She's going to shake her babymaker. She's going to wrangle her family's groceries, occasionally indulge in new hairstyles and be the best gosh-darned cunt she can be read more

A Slaves Tale - mouses journey--- This blog contains information that is adult in nature. If you are underage please leave at once. read more

Ramblings of a Kajira--- Emma's essays, stories, and life experiences. Read her journal to find out more about her life and her role. read more

Poppy's Submissions--- Scribblings about spanking, submission, the whys and whatonearths of punishment and loving discipline. read more

Always Histora--- Im a closet semi-socialist, a languishing bisexual, a solitary Gaelic Druid. Im a reformed slut, a mistrusting bitch, and one of those people who uses vinegar to clean and herbs to heal. I am a recovering crazy and still occasionally have my moments. read more

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