Basic Setup, and Login Problems

How do I start a journal?
Click here to visit our create a journal page

How do I get my journal listed on the journals page so everyone can see it?
By default your journal is 100% private {its not listed as a public site, so only those that you send to it will see it}. If you want it added to our list just E-mail Be sure to include your journal username and a title for your journal and we'll add you ASAP!

I cannot log in to my journal
passwords and usernames are CASE SENSITIVE. ie, Martha and martha are two different usernames. You have to spell it the same every time.
If you are trying to log in and the page ask for username, password, and verify password... you are on the wrong page. you will need to go to the login page, you can do this by deleting ?signup=prompt from in the address bar, so it will read

I lost my password, how can I get a new one?
Passwords are encrypted, meaning we cannot get them. It is very important that you remember your password. If you lost your name or password and cannot figure it out you can start a new journal with a different name and password, then later if you figure out the old one you can go back to it, or we can link it to your new one for you.

Posting, and Viewing Problems

How do I post to my journal?
First you have to login, then under the help button you will find a button named create entry. Use this button to post

I made a post yesterday but now my friends or I can't see it.
When you made your post you had it set to "Only I can read this entry". If you login you will be able to see it. If you want everyone to see it login and edit the entry. when you save it set it to "Everyone can read this entry"

I made a new post and now my old ones have disappeared.
Your old posts have not disappeared, the month has changed. On the calendar, click on the tiny arrow to the left of the month. this will take you to last month where you will find your lost posts.

Advanced Setup- background and colors

How do I setup my background and text colors?
Login and click on Control panel. From there you can set up most of your colors. For link colors see the links section

How do I setup a background picture on my journal?
Login and click on Control panel. In the Journal Background Image field you can enter a picture to use as a background.
Note that first you must have the image uploaded online somewhere. For an easy way to see how this works we have provided 4 backgrounds you can use till you get one you really like. To use one of these set the background image to You can also use back2 3 or 4.jpg

Why doesn't my background picture show?
Most likely the problem is one of two things. First, the path and filename are case sensitive BOB.JPG, bob.JPG and bob.jpg are three different filenames. make sure your capitalization is right. Second make sure the path is correct, it should start with http://www. and end in .jpg or something like that.

No one but me can see my background.
This happens when you have your background stored in a place that only you can get to such as your computer, or some places like yahoo have the ability to only allow you to view what you store there.

Advanced Setup- links

How do I put links to other sites on my journal?
Login and click on Edit Links. From here you can add text, text links, and even image links. They will be displayed below your calendar. Note that text to be displayed should be kept short or it may run over on your journal

Can I use html coding in my links?
Yes, at the bottom of your link editor is a section that allows for manual editing. A few items you will find useful is font colors. Where you see <Font color="# Here you can change the color by changing the number. A few colors are black 000000, white FFFFFF, Red FF0000, Green 00FF00, and Blue 0000FF
Another useful code is <BR> this inserts a line break, likewise HR inserts a horizontal rule

How do I change the text color on my links?
If you want to change the color from black to white then go to edit links, go to manually edit your file and each link will be coded in this box. Find the portion that says font color and change it to #FFFFFF this is to make it white & may work better depending on your background color(s). See above for other color codes.

Advanced Posting

Can I do anything other then type to my entries?
Yes, the journal supports all html coding. If you want to post a picture in an entry you can do so by entering <IMG SRC=""> Of course you will need to have an image stored somewhere and use the correct path to get to it. You can also post links, change font colors, sizes and more. See the questions above for more info on fonts, links and such.

Other Problems

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