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Male Dominant Journals

These journal links will take you into the private lives of Dominant men


A Bad Man in a Bad Place

The Lustful Quality of Watching Her Erotic Demise

BDSM Slave Journal  

Diary of a Pornographer
Journal of a 30 something married, bisexual, kinky man in an open marriage. Martial artist, neophile, and adult webmaster.

BDSM Slave Journal  

Within Reality
Danae's Master jouranl. He talks openly and candidly about their lives and His opinions on the world and BDSM 

BDSM Slave Journal  

TPE: One Master's View

The Twisted Monk  

And the strangest things seem suddenly routine 


Confessions of an English Gentleman

Thought provoking site  about the D/s life.  

BDSM Slave Journal  

Eros Blog
Well known, well written, insightful.  sex blogging, gratuitous nudity, kinky sex, sexual weirdness, and sundry sensuality! Must read list


If you will indulge me. 

Somewhat self-indulgent discussion of my exploration of BDSM and search for a mate.


Master Enigma's Thoughts
Thoughts about slavery/submission. "Gorean men do not surrender their birthright as males, their rightful dominance, their appropriate mastery. They do not choose to be dictated to by females."

Sir's Place

Views, tips and thoughts about BDSM and discipline. 

BDSM Slave Journal  

Reflections of an oversexed English gentleman

Blood, Sex, Crimson

Sometimes the written word holds more than the page can contain.

Kitten's Master


Sir's Place

This is My place where I can pass along My views, tips or anything else that I think you might like to know about My being a Sir in the wonderful world of BDSM especially of Discipline and Bondage

A vision of Darklight

A journey through the combined lifestyles of vanilla and bdsm or can there be peace between opposites and of course other thoughts.


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