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Laurel: Dragon Ladies Limited; social munch group for Dominant Women and those who serve them.

BDSM Clubs/Groups -

Baltimore: Baltimore At Ease; Not-for-profit grassroots advocacy group dedicated to promoting the tolerance of sexual minorities and education about alternative sexual expression.

BESS - Balitmore Educational and Social Society BESS is an educational and social group for consenting adults with shared interests in BDSM sexuality. These interests include, among others, Dominance & submission, bondage & discipline, leathersex, fetishism, cross dressing, and roleplay. BESS is multi-sexual. All genders and orientations are welcome to attend.

The Baltimore Eagle; gay leather club

D&S Society of Baltimore; P.O. Box 20248, Towson MD 21204.

FIST; women's S/M group  (Females Investigating Sexual Terrain) is a social and educational club for women interested in SM, leather and fetish between women. Membership is open to all women 21 years of age or older. Members must respect each other's right to be as out or as private as they choose to be.

The Power Exchange

Shipmates; gay leather club

Trident International Baltimore

C.O.M.M.A.N.D., M.C. - Baltimore  This leather club for men has a description of the club and its activities. Membership forms are printable online. They have a lengthy calendar of events in the area including activities of other clubs. 

Maryland Area Mistress Association

Events - 

Baltimore Pride  Baltimore Gay pride festival

Leather Retreat  Northern Maryland

Black Rose , New Carrollton Pansexual BDSM event of the year.

Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, Baltimore Weekend of BDSM parties, workshops and other events.

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