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The Memphis Munch

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Tennessee Femdom - malesub

Central TN: Central TN Spankers; email for info.

Chattanooga: The Chattanooga Exchange

St. Bethlehem: PEP Tennessee; P O Box 174, St. Bethlehem, TN 37155

Knoxville: Smoky Mountain Power Exchange  The Smoky Mountain Power Exchange (SMPEx) is a pansexual organization of people 21 and over. The goal of SMPEx is to provide a forum for the BDSM (B/D & D/S & S/M) and Fetish communities in East Tennessee and surrounding areas. We do this by sponsoring support, education, and social events that demonstrate safe, sane and consensual activities.

Memphis: Memphis Links     Memphis LINKS is not a singles or swingers group. We are a Discussion and Demonstration group that functions as a non-profit educational Alternative Lifestyle group.


Memphis Power Exchange Memphis Power Exchange is a Pansexual BDSM support group open to those over 21 years of age with a genuine interest in BDSM. MPE promotes Safe, Sane, and Consensual erotic activities between adults. Topics of discussions and demonstrations vary from meeting to meeting.

Nashville: Nashville Dungeon Society; contact:

NLA Nashville

Nashville Alternative Lifestyle Group; pansexual munch group, meets twice a month. Contact,, or for more info.

GrownUps; GrownUps is a pansexual group with online chat and message boards, Offline events, Dinners, Gathers, and munches for a mix of alternative lifestyles. Eventsare designed for BDSMers, some for swingers, and sometimes we cross-associate, when social is the focus, not playstyles. (such as Dinners out) We host Swing 101 happy hours, BDSM 101 happy hours, and Lifestyle training workshops.

The Mark; private meeting facility and interaction space.

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Nashville Pride, Nashville gay pride festival

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