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Yes Master -  A lifestyle oriented website 
The Slave Register - For the worldwide ownership subculture: certificates, personal ads, pictures, web boards
A D/s Web Center - focuses on the alternative lifestyle known as D/s, Domination and submission.
Inside the mind of Gloria Brame - written and published by Dr. Gloria G. Brame. Sex, politics, culture, gardening, little furry animals - whatever's on my mind spills onto the page.
BDSM Resource Center - The Mission is to provide a place for dissemination and exchange of BDSM information and resources, as well as a forum for on-going personal growth.
The Naughty Guide - Your expert guide to surfing  Adult oriented websites!

Ownership Icons and Flags - Free icons and flag images for the ownership subculture

Bound Sub.Com  Be welcome and add your stories, pictures, blog, and freely speak on the forum!

D/s Haven - Living a Power Exchange Lifestyle. We are a Service oriented house.
Castle Realm - D/s Resource Center
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