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 BDSM Shopping

Bdsm Greetings - The newest and one of the fastest growing ecard sites on the net. Erotic sensual and kinky! Micronack Technologies - Quality leather BDSM Gear. Affordable and Guaranteed!
Wasteland Kinky Cards - Small selection of cards BDSM  Gear - an easy to use sister sister site of Micronack. 
Kinky Cards - Huge selection from mild to extreme Fei's Floggers - If your looking for that perfect flogger then check this site out. 
Kinky Xmas - Free interactive flash cards Snakepit Leather Works - If your looking for a show flogger and willing to spend a few hundred dollars then this is the place to be.
Nawty Things - adult ecard site small selection  Adam and Eve -  for your vibrating Toys
Fred and Eddy - Good sites large selection Leather and Lace - UK Based bdsm gear site
Castle Realm Post Cards - Small selection of cards Wholesale Panties - If your searching for the perfect lingerie

 Submissive Information Sites Dominant's Information Sites
Submissive Journal Prompts - Journal Prompts specifically for those in service relationship The Dominants View - Free BDSM eZine offering information, education and entertainment to today's dominant
Submissve Taking it off!! A Unique site designed to support the dieting/health conscious submissive BDSM - What Why How
Sensual Service - A submissive woman's Guide  
Hopes Heart - Informational and personal site of submissive slave Hope offers resource material and Hope's personal reflections on her life  
Submissive Women Speak - Reality-based information and advice for submissive women and the people who love them.  
Yes Master - The Vanilla Side of Life  

BDSM Resources Human Sexuality
Yes Master -  A lifestyle oriented website  Dr J's Sex Facts - This is the blog of Dr. Janice Epp, a Clinical Sexologist. She offers up a lot of sound advice about sexuality and sensuality
The Slave Register - For the worldwide ownership subculture: certificates, personal ads, pictures, web boards  - Author and writer of human sexuality. Must read site
A D/s Web Center - focuses on the alternative lifestyle known as D/s, Domination and submission. Oysters and Chocolate Erotica - A Female focused sex positive site talking about BDSM, Vanilla, Gay, Lesbian
Inside the mind of Gloria Brame - written and published by Dr. Gloria G. Brame. Sex, politics, culture, gardening, little furry animals - whatever's on my mind spills onto the page. Guide to Getting It On! - The only sex manual/how to book you will ever need
BDSM Resource Center - The Mission is to provide a place for dissemination and exchange of BDSM information and resources, as well as a forum for on-going personal growth. Human Sexuality Resources -  Health Science and human services library
The Naughty Guide - Your expert guide to surfing  Adult oriented websites! Understanding Human Sexuality

The Iron Gate - BDSM Resource

San Francisco Sex Information -  is a free information and referral switchboard providing anonymous, accurate, non-judgmental information about sex.

Bound Sub.Com  Be welcome and add your stories, pictures, blog, and freely speak on the forum!

The G Spot Center - Your one stop shop for anything G spot related!
D/s Haven - Living a Power Exchange Lifestyle. We are a Service oriented house. Dolores French - is a writer, civil rights activist, safer sex advocate, talk show regular, erotic phone consultant, prostitute, and professional dominatrix
Castle Realm - D/s Resource Center Dr G - Tools and education for a better sex life
Master Z's BDSM Resource Site Sex Info 101 - A resource for sex and dating tips
Ownership Icons and Flags - Free icons and flag images for the ownership subculture Sedona's Attic - Sex Politics and Religion 

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Personal/Dating Sites

Regional Sites

Collar me - Free to post ad, to read ads, Message boards and Chat realm

BDSM Contact - UK - No matter what your Kink, No matter what your fetish you are bound to find a match here at BDSM contact 

Kinky Christians Alternative Community - Entire site is free for that kinky Christian in you.  Global Domination - A global Domina guide - Some free but must pay a fee in order to access the majority of the site UK BDSM - Free Forum and information Site for BDSMers
D/s Kiosk - Well established thousands of listings BDSM Florida -  Our main goal with this site has been to educate the masses regarding Lifestyle.
Gorean Personals - For the gorean Master/slave relationship Arizona Power Exchange -  
lavalife.Com (more vanilla) Fee to access the entire site

The Wet Spot - non-profit, membership-based community center located in Seattle, Washington, which hosts regular events

Dating Singles (vanilla)

Dallas BDSM - Great source of BDSM info for the Dallas area

Adult Dating Online Albany Power Exchange -  An event and information resource for the upstate New York and regional BDSM community.
Passion - Sexy personals for passionate   singles

The Tannery - 3,000 square foot space dedicated to the BDSM lifestyle.

Kinky Personal Dating

The Things that We do -  a pansexual BDSM group based in the Columbia, South Carolina area. This group was formed to provide education, support, and a safe social venue for people in this area

Adult Friend Finder - Everything under the sun and more Memphis Power Exchange - a Pansexual BDSM support group open to those over 21 years of age with a genuine interest in BDSM. MPE promotes Safe, Sane, and Consensual erotic activities between adults.
  Orlando Munch - Orlando Florida come out and meet like minded peope
Bondage.Com - Once again some free but must pay to access the full site Lair DeSade -CA -  Over 6,700 square feet, multiple buildings, a basement, a kitchen and three rest rooms all set up and furnished for your enjoyment

We hope this information has been of some assistance to you.

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