Sexual Disease

any state in the health in which a human orgasm (notice the spelling) is impaired. Hence a slaves pearl... involves a breakdown of the bodies natural defences..hence the slaves and everyone elses sanity.... even when the cause is know (such as no sex) a disease can be understood in terms of the physiological and mental process that are interrupted


can alter the life process


from subjective reports of a lower throbbing in the vaginal area....

pain (and not the pleasure is in the pain kind of pain)

acute nerve sensitivity

to visible conditions such as pulling girls hair out. Changes in body temperature, too much energy

shortness of breath

excessive panting

excessive muscle spasms in various areas

notablely the lips, groin and anal

excessive painful tightening of the aureoles with no release

major twitching and spasming in convulsions of the hands, and legs, spreading out constantly

heavy pounding of pelvic region against immobile objects such as computer chairs, keyboards and even humping the toilet seat.... could do great physical damage to the anatomy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bruises lacerations... especially if you hit the corner of that computer desk in teh humping... needs a softer stimuli, such as a girls fingers or a nice vibrator

Further examination may reveal that all girl needs is a good CUM 2x daily as needed.

Feel free TO exceed recommended therapy.