BDSM Toy Reviews

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In all cases of comparison we have tried to find items that closely or exactly resemble each other. We look at materials not color. 

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leather riding crop

Description: 26" riding crop

Braided nylon handle, leather Slapper/end. All three stores had basically the same description. Crops appeared to exactly alike



Price: 14.95

Jt Stockroom

Price: 34.00

BDSM Toy Box

Price: 30.95


Description: 26"hand crop

This riding crop features a little black leather hand at the end. It is 26" long overall, with a handle and wrist loop, both made of rubber. All items have the same dimension and all crops appear to be exactly alike.



Price: 35.00

Jt Stockroom

Price: 24.00

BDSM Toy Box

Price: 35.95


Description: 24" Flogger

1/2" Falls

20 Falls at 16" long on and 8 " handle 

Price: 24.95


Price: 82.00 

Eros Boutique